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HD Heavy Duty Air Filter Upgrade Complete Kit for- Husqvarna 362 365 371 372

  • $131.50

Includes all parts shown:-


1.¶ÿ Top Shroud inc. 2 cover clips.¶ÿ ¶ÿ503 62 78-02

2.¶ÿ HD air filter cover¶ÿ ¶ÿ503 81 77-01

3.¶ÿ HD air horn.¶ÿ ¶ÿ503 81 78-01

4.¶ÿ HD air filter¶ÿ ¶ÿ503 81 80-01¶ÿ / 503 81 80-04

5.¶ÿ HD screw knob, M5 stainless nut. Improved design.


Full range of husky parts in our store, including hi-flow Hd carby, cylinder kits ready to fit 365 crankcase in:-

48mm (65cc) std .in 365

50mm (72cc) std. in 372/371

52mm (78cc) not at all std...

Supplier- From multiple suppliers. Please note non oem parts. Not suitable for XT models. Air filter cover is a tight fit when new. Recommend drop of glue to hold nut in recess.

Quality- Suitable for professional workshop maintenance/ repairs/ rebuilds.

Preferred farm/forestry/home workshop parts supplier.

Guarantee- 30 days, rtb.

Reviews-¶ÿNew Product.

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Delivery- All parts stocked in Australia.

Same working day dispatch for orders paid by 12:00pm

Carrier- Australia Post assured