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Chainsaw Info. (how to find it!)

Posted by chainsaw bloke

It seems like only yesterday that workshop manuals, service manuals, IPL’s, diagrams etc. were like gold-dust, both on paper and on-line.
Then ,for a time, we tried to list them on-line for blokes to find easily. This led to constant legal threats and alike, not my cup of tea!
Now, there are so many on-line that you can choose whatever, whenever.
Some people are used to doing this, but for others, it is new. Here are some pointers:-
• Search your saw model- stihl ms380, husqvarna 365, etc.
• Then add your job in hand- replace cylinder, tuning, screw torques, part no. etc.
• Then pick from video clips or picture and text options.
• Learn how to set up a folder to put them in as you go. You will have a library before you know it!
• Get someone to give you a hand- a mate, grandkid etc.

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  • Thank you Paul for such a quick response to my enquiry I am so pleased to have found your website
    and appreciate very much talking to someone with so much knowledge. I hope you prosper with your business.
    - Trevor

    Trevor Robin Williams on

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