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How to make money repairing chainsaws- part 1. The Reckoning.

Posted by chainsaw bloke

OK, you maybe fixed that old saw that was festering in the shed for years.

Perhaps the old man left you his trusty old saw when he snuffed it. You were determined to make it rip wood, and you did it, with the skills he passed on to you.

The trouble & strife is cold and going on and on.


Whatever the reason, you turned a useless box of bits into a one or two grand chainsaw. Probably took a while, figuring out the chainsaw jigsaw puzzle, gathering parts. Probably had a few refreshing cold beverages. Maybe even a small scar as a memento.

So, what next? You know you can do it, you have the confidence. You know where to get parts, tools. You know a few mates with stuffed chainsaws, but they have no time or the skills. But you do!

You've got a couple of  hundred bucks tucked away.....     You're pretty quick with figures, reckon you can do a saw a week, a day?     Get my drift?


Well, that's how I started. many, many years ago. I thought it might be useful to all you blokes tired of taking crap all day, wanting to get ahead a bit.


coming up next week. part 2. The Finding

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